Wash Club

Lightning Clean Car Wash Club & Gift Cards

Q: What is the Lightning Clean Car Wash Club?

A: Lightning Clean Wash Club Membership allows an unlimited number of washes for the registered vehicle for a one-month period following the activation/recharge date of plan.  The club membership is limited to one wash per day and only at Lightning Clean Car Wash at 149 Roosevelt Ave (Highway 410), Enumclaw, WA.  Club membership requires installation of a RFID Lightning Clean Wash Club windshield tag on the top center of the windshield below the rearview mirror on the registered vehicle

Q: How does the Wash Club work?

A: Club membership is purchased with a credit or debit card for a specific vehicle.  The monthly rate for the first month is charged to the member’s card at the time of purchase (the activation date of the plan).  The monthly rate is then automatically charged to the same card on the same date each month (the recharge date of the plan), or until the plan is cancelled or terminated.  The plan works with an attached RFID tag to your windshield.

Q: What is an RFID Tag?

A: A Radio Frequency Identification Tag is an electronic tag that exchanges data with an RFID reader that is installed at our pay station.  The reader communicates through radio waves.  This tag is mounted on the inside of your windshield.

Q: Can I remove my RFID tag?

A: These tags are tamper proof and any removal of the tag will cause it break.  Broken tags will not work and need to be replaced with a new tag.

Q: What happens if I replace my windshield or the tag is damaged?

A: Club members must contact Lightning Clean Car Wash if the registered vehicle’s RFID is damaged or windshield is replaced.  The tag will be deactivated and a new tag will be issued with a $3.00 fee.  New RFID tags will be reissued at Art Gamblin Motors, 1047 Roosevelt Ave E, Enumclaw, WA  98022.  Please visit the Service Reception Counter.  Our service team will update the database and exchange identification information for the new tag.

Q: Is my Lightning Clean Car Wash Club Transferable?

A: Our club memberships can be transferred from one car to another in the event you replace your vehicle. To do this, you must see one of our attendants or visit the Service Reception Counter at Art Gamblin Motors’ (main dealership location). It requires deactivating your old car’s tag and installing a new tag on your replacement vehicle. We must update our database and exchange identification information from the old vehicle to the new vehicle.

Q: Do all vehicles qualify for the Wash Club?

A: Livery Vehicles such as Lift, Uber, Limos or taxis are not eligible.  Lightning Clean Car Wash also reserves the right to deny membership to any commercial vehicle it so deems.